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Some families are deeply rooted in their communities. They have been present in their respective city or town for multiple generations, and have built themselves to be the leadership in the community. In other instances however, families do not have this opportunity. When families have parents who are serving in the armed forces, they are frequently moving, getting deployed, or re-stationed at different bases.

Partially for this reason, military bases are communities in and of themselves. They are fully equipped with housing, schools, grocery stores, superstores, police forces and fire departments. They have designed these bases in a manner in which if a person did not desire to leave the base, they would not need to. The families in the military seem to be almost constantly moving. They uproot from one base and move to another, pulling the children out of one school, and starting them fresh somewhere else. The children need to make new friends, and re-establish themselves in the social pecking order at their new school. The parents basically need to do the same thing in the adult social pyramid. Parents will need to make new friends, and find new activities to occupy their time. The challenge of frequent moving is a daunting task to say the least.

Moving to a new place is intimidating to say the least. For which ever family member is in the military, the task is a little less stressful, because they are going to the new location already set with a job. Another thing which makes moving with the member in the military less stressful is that the military covers the cost of the move or make the move for the family, pack the belongings and take them to the next base. The non-military family members however are faced with not knowing what they will be faced with when they get to their new destination. Will they be able to make new friends? Will they find people with whom they can get along or who share their interests? These are questions which they will each be wondering about, questions which will cause them significant amounts of stress.

Not all of the military families live on base, and our armed forces are the ones who allow us to live the lives which we do without significant worry. So if you are familiar with a military family, keep in mind that they are always moving, and more so keep in mind why they are moving. Do your best to welcome these families and to make them feel comfortable. Think of how you would feel if you were the one who was in a new situation, and try to make these families feel as you would want to feel in a new place with new people.

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